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Imagine a game where you can do what you want to influence the universe around you without being held back by linear borders. Where you can travel across space with the freedom of choosing what you want to do next. The Great Expanse is the universe we aim to build to bring you this experience. It is a sector of space loaded with solar systems, stations, planets, wrecks, asteroid fields - whatever; that is waiting to be explored and interacted with by you. Meridian is working as fast as possible to deliver Expanse to your doorstep, but as you might imagine - designing something as large and complex as a galaxy takes time, planning, modeling, and a lot of code.

Meridian is hard at work on creating and planning out Expanse, but will do their best to give you an idea on what you might expect to see once our work is complete.

Core Concepts Edit

  • Combat
    • Expanse and Expanse: Skirmisher have a multitude of ships for inter-stellar combat, from fighters to battleships, all ranging in size, power, speed, and looks. Each ship is designed for a different aspect of the game via the roles of the ship.
  • Exploration
    • Large areas of land across multiple sectors of space allow for a lot of room to go around in a ship with. With every nook, cranny, and crevice having a name and a story, there's a lot to look out for in the universe.
  • Player Driven Economy
  • Large sandbox universal MMO
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